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Where we need to be

Every home should be equipped with a device that tells the homeowner how much energy they are using in real time and what it is costing them.
We need to get to the point where we are using as little energy as possible, are aware of the energy that we are using, and that the energy is coming from clean energy sources. Devices plugged into our outlets currently make up a rather large portion of our energy consumption, but are loads that are often rather easy to reduce. In the future, we will need to be at a point where, first off, we have no parasitic loads. There is no reason that we should be spending energy that does not accomplish any work that we want done.

Everyone needs to know how much power they are consuming in real time
In addition, we will need to have few to no neglected loads that stay on because we forget to turn them off. Third, we will need to be investing in more energy efficient devices that pull as little power as possible to accomplish the tasks we need done. And finally, everyone needs to know how much power they are consuming in real time and be aware of the economic and environmental costs of that energy usage.

As you can expect, with more people in the world increasing their standard of living to the bar that has been set by the largest energy consumers, there is likely to be a lot more in the way of residential electrical usage worldwide. It is important that we be using this energy as efficiently as possible and to get more energy from clean energy sources.

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