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How we get there

One of the best things about this section is that it is a purely personal decision. How we get there doesn't involve any fancy new technologies, waiting on major corporations, or government programs. It involves each of us making a decision to make a positive impact on the world. It's easy to read about issues on this site and then change your CFLs and call it a day. While we support people getting up and changing their lightbulbs, this is one of those issues where you can make a large impact with one simple change.

We have come a long way since beef flavored tofu in terms of meat alternatives
We're not saying this will be easy for everyone to do, but it is very important and if you eat much beef, it is likely to be the single biggest thing you can do. Fortunately, there is a larger movement towards this sort of behavior, so there are a lot of resources and alternatives out there. We have come a long way since beef flavored tofu in terms of meat alternatives. Eating less and better meat is definitely something that is possible to do without feeling like you are compromising your quality of life, even if you are used to eating beef a few times a week and meat with every meal.

It's all about making a commitment and starting small, eat grass-fed beef instead of grain-fed, eat chicken instead of pork, and give up meat for an extra meal a week. Use the tool below to see what your current impact is and then decide to make one change and see how it changes your impact. For help on finding methods to keep track of your commitment and to make it easier on yourself, check out the Do Your Part tab where you can connect with other people who are working at becoming more sustainable by eating less high energy meat.

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