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Currently, the vast majority of motor vehicles run on gasoline, with a few standard hybrids mixed in that make their gasoline engines work a bit more efficiently. The exciting news in the world of electric vehicles is that plug-in hybrids should be coming out within the next year. Currently, hybrids represent about 2.5% of the new car market. Of course, plug-in hybrids do not represent any significant portion yet as they have not been mass produced, although some people have worked to convert their standard hybrids into plug-ins on their own.

Currently, hybrids represent about 2.5% of the new car market
At this point, the market for electric vehicles is more or less just waiting a year or so until the hyped up plug-in hybrids, the first truly electricity-powered vehicles, become available publicly. In the meantime, working on driving more efficiently, finding efficient gasoline-powered hybrids and non-hybrids alike, and working on Better Battery technology should be the primary focus.

The chart below will (coming soon!) change to show the cost, emissions, and range of various hybrids on the market now as well as plug-ins and electric vehicles as they become available to the general public.

Green Car Congress - March 2009 Hybrid Update
Sales numbers from March 2009 of hybrid vehicles.
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