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How we get there

The quick answer to how we get from where we are to where we need to be is to produce more electric vehicles. The long answer is that we are likely to go through a number of steps to get from where we are now, with our few basic hybrids, to the point where the majority of vehicles run purely on electricity. For more on what any of the types of vehicles we talk about here are, check out the What It Is section.

Plug-in vehicles act as the step between gasoline-powered and electric vehicles
Currently, we have standard hybrid vehicles, which are a great start, however in the next year or so, we will begin to see plug-in hybrids coming out. The availability of these vehicles, along with likely rebates for buying green vehicles and also a potential tax on CO2 emissions (see Cap Carbon) would help our vehicle fleet become a lot more electric in a short period of time. This could also be helped by smart grid technologies (check out Smart Grids) that will work to take advantage of the vehicles being plugged into it.

This car was modified to be a plug-in hybrid. We need more cars that are manufactured like this.Credit: Wikimedia Commons
As more and more plug-in hybrids hit the market, there should be a push for more portable charging stations and possibly even battery swap stations to extend the range of these vehicles without relying on the gasoline engines (check out the Charging Stations section for more on this). The development of this infrastructure, along with increases in battery technology, should make full electric vehicles a reasonable possibility in the future. In this way, plug-in vehicles act as the step between gasoline-powered and electric vehicles. They facilitate this transition by being vehicles that are capable of running on either fuel source.

In order for things to work out this way, it requires a number of things from the average person. First off, you should be making attempts to Drive Less. And when you are driving, you should be driving in the way that is best for your vehicle. When you are in the market for a new car, be sure to take the full lifetime costs of the car into consideration and buy an at least partially electric vehicle. In addition, we need to be pushing for Better Batteries, more Charging Station technology, a Smarter Grid, cleaner ways of Making Energy, a cost to pollute that will Cap Carbon, and more incentives for buyers of electric vehicles.
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