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Where we need to be

There needs to be a battery technology ready to power the electric vehicles that are being discussed and that are in demand currently that is light, inexpensive, non-toxic, and has sufficient storage capacity. What that particular technology is doesn't matter so long as it meets these standards and is a part of an infrastructure that we will expect to continue using to allow for easy replacement by future, even better technologies.

The batteries will also need to be inexpensive and have quick charging times
It is looking right now as if Lithium Ion will be the battery technology of the future. If so, our cars will be powered by battery packs like this one.Credit: Wikimedia Commons
We need to get to the point where batteries are no longer holding up the acceptance of electric vehicles of any kind. Each of the major metrics discussed on the previous pages must be dealt with. Charge/Discharge rates will need to be high and Self-Discharge rates low to reduce the amount of extra energy we need to make to power these vehicles. The Energy to weight and volume ratios will need to increase to allow for smaller, lighter battery packs that can hold more energy and extend range without adding weight and taking up too much cargo space.

The batteries will also need to be inexpensive and have quick charging times to minimize the impact on drivers who would otherwise want to just stop at the gas station every 300 miles. Finally, they must have long lifespans and be made of non-toxic materials to minimize the environmental impact of the batteries beyond simply CO2 emissions.
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