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Better way of handling suggestions that are not for a particular page

Status: Done!
Votes: 00
Page URL: /Suggestions/All
Sometimes a suggestion isn't for a particular page. Maybe it's for the site theme in general, or a suggestion for a new section, or it's about the content of site generated emails. I had been giving these a descriptive title in place of the url, but it looks like the processing eats the first character to get rid of the "/". If this isn't there, it hungrily absorbs whatever character might be there, causing Future to become uture etc.

Only removing the character if it is a '/' would fix this, or maybe a way to indicate, "this doesn't apply to a url".
SixLinks Developers' response:
The URL has been moved down, with an auto-clear option.

Additionally, the parsing code has become less hungry, not chomping the first character unless it's a "/".


Tomo Says:SixLinks has changed a lot over its life. As good parents, the guys keep around the icons they couldn't use anymore in the icon pasture. (Actually, Jeff just agreed to this to keep Steve sane.)