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Limit number of recipients to 10 people

Status: Someday not so soon
Votes: 10
Page URL: /Messages/Compose/
This should prevent potential spamming by malicious members.

Alternatively, the people a person can messsage could be limited to those following them.
SixLinks Developers' response:
Good idea, will get implemented.


Sam Fladung June 1, 2009
The only messaging to people who are following you could be problematic, since I think the messaging might be used effectively when you want to point out something on a guide you read.

One other or additional way to prevent spamming is to throttle how often messages can be sent. IE only allow 1 message per minute or 10 per 10 minute window. This could also only aplly for the first week an account is active.

Also, adding a report spam button when viewing messages could be useful (if this mechanism isn't already there). This would probably trigger to an admin, who could then figure out if they need to revoke an account.
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