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Add a way to "skip" steps in a guide that are not relevant

Status: In progress
Votes: 10
Page URL: /My-Part/
It would be nice to have a way of skipping steps in a guide that are not relevant. For example if a guide says replace any items that don't meet this criteria, if all of yours already do it feels awkward checking it off, but you have to to get it complete.

SixLinks Developers' response:
We're working on expanding guide steps (once all the guides have been created). As we put in steps to begin with, we are covering all potential steps. The instructions for each step will possibly tell you to skip ahead to a later step if intermediate ones aren't applicable, allowing you to check off everything between those steps. For example, I am down to 1 bag a week of trash already, so I can check off all the steps in that guide because I have already met the goal. Short answer: the step instructions will make this more clear until we find a better solution sometime down the line.


John Kucia July 15, 2009
I also think that you could eliminate a click; when I go to "My Part," then "Using Energy," then "Recycle Everything," is there a reason that next page needs to be there? Why not go straight to the "Start This Guide" page? The descriptions you have on the intro page seem to be the same ones on the Checkmark page, so why not just skip a step?
Tomo Says:Don't tell, but word is that if you're a supporting member, you get to play with new features before they're released! How cool is that?