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Mouseover of 50000 electric vehicle link flashes in firefox

Status: Someday soon
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When mousing over tje 50000 electric it oscillates or flashes. This appears to be caused by the associated box going off screen, deciding to change something, re rendering and repeating.
SixLinks Developers' response:
There are a few instances and browser sizes that can make this effect happen. We're continuing to work to find a way to make the mouseovers work cross-platform, in a consistent way.

If you have screenshots of the page (where the citation is when you see this error matters), that'd be great!


Sam Fladung May 24, 2009
Screenshot shows page layout. Unfortunately I can't seem to actauuly catch the flashing box with print screen.
Steven Skoczen May 24, 2009
No worries - that helps a lot. Thanks!
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