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Improve the way of personallizing actions as they are implemented

Status: Done, in beta testing
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I feel like the new action system lost some of the personal touch when being completed. Maybe its the fact that I tend to do stuff all at once, but I feel like when I do a guide I go check, check check... Oh, maybe I should add a comment. Often I would rather have the comment be earlier in the chain, but can't roll back. Not sure on the solution for this.

I think a cool addition for a later update would be to have steps prompt you for information about your fix. IE, when you check off the "Step 2: Figure out how much energy your appliances pull" it might prompt you with a comment box asking to list the appliances and loads you found (and an option to skip comments). Not sure how to implement this well, but I think it would make it more interesting to look at other people's actions
SixLinks Developers' response:
We've discussed this as well - I think that often, the updates I'd type are related to completing a step. The biggest challenge is finding a way to implement this without making things more complicated, or confusing for people who aren't particularly computer-savvy.

Ideas are welcome!


Steven Skoczen June 26, 2009
The new actions interface solves these issues for me - let me know if you're still finding it clunky?
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