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Website Name

Status: Not gonna happen
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Just curious how you chose the name Sixlinks and just curious whether you feel people will be able to associate your purpose for change with the website name.
SixLinks Developers' response:
Hi Ellen,

We sure hope so! We chose the name because the core of the site's perspective is based around the Six Links we have in "Get the Facts". We're focused on those six as the biggest and most important categories where we're not living sustainably, and things need to change.

We're not too concerned about the name being unusual, after all, most of us use google, yahoo, amazon, and a whole lot of other names that don't make much sense! From a long-term perspective, we're establishing SixLinks as its own name, to mean those sustainability issues, and think this will be much more powerful than picking a generic, descriptive name.

Thanks for the feedback!


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