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Steven Skoczen

Happy Birthday, SixLinks!

Steven Skoczen wrote this June 5, 2009 for SixLinks Developers .
SixLinks will turn one at about five in the afternoon, on June 6, 2009.

One year ago that day, my good friend Weilin and I were hanging out, and I was bemoaning the number of things that needed help in the world, and how I didn't know where to start.

"So make a list," she said.

"Good idea," I replied, then continued sitting on my bed.

"No. Like now. Make a list now."

"Oh. right, might as well".

So I did. We talked through everything I could think of, what belonged on the list (issues with a short timeline) and what didn't (things that were problems, but not immediate ones). I started on a sheet of paper, making categories, and writing down what needed to happen with them.

When we were done, there was a page, with six categories, and it really did cover everything I knew from years of studying the issues. And to boot, it didn't look too bad. It was big, sure, but of the items in the categories, if one person spent their entire life working on that issue, with enough conviction and effort, they could fix it. I was encouraged.

A few days later, I met with my friends Jeff and Katie, who both knew a lot about the big picture, and would have good criticisms, and showed them the list, looking for things that were missing, or extraneous.

They both liked it, and had a few more suggestions here and there. I decided to start a website, not really sure where it was heading, and put the list on it. Jeff was bored at the time, so offered to help out if I needed any research done.

Jeff and I met a week later, and started laying out the ideas and plan for the site. We planned to launch June 1, 2009. It would have parts for learning the big picture, and taking action. And then we started working. And working.

SixLinks Alpha released Jan 1, 2009, to a small group of friends and family. They used it for about a month, providing great feedback, ideas, and critiques on where things weren't working. Jeff and I were committed to SixLinks as our future at that point, and Jeff moved out to Portland.

We met in a coffeeshop, scrapped about half the website, and designed it again, with our users, feedback, and overall goals in mind. The new SixLinks was born. Then we started working again. Jeff rewrote all of the content. Steve recoded most of the pages (minus the ones you might still find that haven't yet been recoded :) ). And on June 1, 2009, SixLinks was made public again.

Today, it launches.

Happy Birthday SixLinks. May you have many, many more happy birthdays to come!

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