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Steven Skoczen

The State of SixLinks

Steven Skoczen wrote this June 3, 2009. Updated 1 week, 6 days later.
Hey Everyone,

Welcome! This is SixLinks. SixLinks, this is everyone. You two will get along just fine.

As you've probably already noticed, there's a lot to the site - great information on all the big issues, a list of the things you can do to make a big impact on the world, updates from the SixLInks community, discussions, and lots more.

You might also notice that there are some places where things seem a bit funky. We're still working hard on the site, and there are bits here and there from previous iterations. It's also entirely possible you'll get a Tomo page every once in a while. Rest assured we're working hard to get everything tightened up, and running smoothly!

Here's an updated list of the big issues we know are missing, and that we'll be putting in in the coming weeks and months:

  • Start an action without using a guide

    This is coming, but we're taking time to make sure it's right. When it's back, you'll be able to create and edit your own list of steps (like actions now), so you can easily track your progress, and when you're done, easily make it into a guide.

  • Badges

    Badges are niftly little things you can earn for a variety of things - helping people out, completing actions, submitting news, or just posting comments. We have a broad variety of them in the works, but they won't be up until some of the more critical items in this list are fixed!

  • Deletion of comments, blogs, posts, etc

    Definitely in the works, but we're taking extra time to make sure that it's properly secured, and that a malicious person can't mess with anyone else's commments.

  • Flags

    Flags are a very cool feature, where you can ask for help on a step in your action. The community sees your flag immediately, and can respond to help you out! Successful helping someone earns you points. But flags aren't quite done yet, so we've disabled them on the site. They're coming soon!

  • Report offensive/abuse

    You'll be able to report a post, comment, or action as offensive or as abuse shortly. In the meantime, everyone please just be nice. :)

  • Internet Explorer (and Firefox, in places)

    The site currently looks perfect in Safari or Chrome, and pretty good (with minor niggles) in Firefox. It looks pretty darn horrible in IE. The reason for the delay in IE support is Internet Explorer 6 and 7's poor support of web standards. We wrote SixLinks using the standards, and will be making a hacked-up version that looks good in IE. However, we're not starting on that until most of our core features are in, so we're not hitting a moving target. In the meantime, please try Firefox, Chrome, or Safari - and thanks for your patience! This is now fixed, though we do encourage users of IE 6 and 7 to upgrade to either IE8 or another standards-compliant browser like the above.

  • Filtering - sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not

    Filtering on the following page isn't really up to snuff yet, which is why it gets the big warning icon. The good news is that the under-the-hood code is very solid, so when we get a chance to re-write it, it'll be fast, and rock-stable!

  • Ability to Review guides

    You can't review or vote on a guide right now. That'll change.

  • Better organization of Discussions

    One big 'ol list isn't going to work forever. We'll be adding sections, tags, and searching to discussions to make things easier to find!

  • Reminder emails

    One of the key features we have coming are reminder emails, to prompt you to update an action if you haven't made any posts in a week. This will help each of us accomplish what we set out to do!

  • RSS

    I <3 me some RSS, and we'll be adding RSS support for updates, actions, and suggestions!

  • Better searching and tags

    Right now, we use google for our site search. While that's working pretty well, we think we can get you better results, and an easier-to-use searching experience. This one's pretty low on the priority list, but it's coming!

  • A few missing pages

    A few pages: Badges, the Icon Pasture, Tell your friends, the mission statement, and a few I'm forgetting are missing. They're coming eventually.

  • More, and better stuff in the Store

    The store's pretty basic, but we'll be expanding it over the coming months. In the meantime premium accounts are here, and ready to go!

    Want something on this list extra-bad? Check and see if it's a suggestion, and vote! If it's not one, add it to the list! And remember, premium members get more votes!
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