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Steven Skoczen

Lots of new features are live!

Steven Skoczen wrote this June 3, 2009.
It's been a busy 24 hours in the SixLinks datacenter.. office.. place.

Here's what's new:

  • Support SixLinks is fully integrated
  • Points work properly, including points for Premium Members
  • the Community page now works
  • similarly, the Talk page is up as well
  • some bugs on signups, emails, and registration have been fixed.
  • handling for actions has been changed. Now, only the most recent step checked off shows up on people's following feeds. As a bonus though, all of your posts on an action now hit your updates feed and people who are following you. I think. We'll be working through the details and testing of this tomorrow.
  • icons on the "Following" and "My Updates" pages should be much-improved
  • "What I follow" list on your profile now works for things besides people
  • login and logout pages are prettier
  • Private groups' settings are now respected
  • Pro account signups are properly timestamped

Enjoy, we'll be back to work tomorrow!
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