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Rachel Mays

Donate money, feel really good. (And do great things.)

Over the past few days I have been working hard to pass the 10,000 point mark, and I just did (yay!). I was expecting that donating money would be a toughie for me, since - let's face it - I'm not the wealthiest person. However, I found that once I started I couldn't really stop, and the only reason I'm waiting to put more money into projects on Kiva is because my paycheck doesn't come until Monday. Here are some projects and organizations I have donated to:

Donation to a wildlife project: World Wildlife Fund - donation to support Grey Wolves. All donations get a special "adoption certificate" and a fact card on the animal you're supporting, as well as a pretty picture, desktop images and a screensaver. You can opt not to get the hard copy of these things in order to maximize your donation. To make donating even more awesome, higher donation amounts get gifts such as cloth bags and animal plushies. The "Adopt a _____" program makes a wonderful gift, as they make it very easy for you to put in someone else's information alongside your own.

Microloan: - Cate Nakasi's group. I supported this project in particular because Cate sounds like a wonderful human being (aside from putting two of her own children through university, she is caring for two orphans!). Additionally, much of the loan is going toward feed for her new Friesian cow, which she plans to use for milk to sell at market. I like cows. I can support that. Finally, my passion and goal in life is to work with people like Cate and their livestock. Right now I'm not in the proper location; I lack the training; and I lack the time. However, my money CAN help.

Kiva itself is amazing. You can create a profile, which lists which projects you are participating in as well. The average Kiva participant has made 4.4 loans, a statistic you can use to compare how your efforts measure up; you can also invite people, track loans made by people you invited, and give gift certificates.

Clean water project: Global Water ( You should check out their site - the organization, founded in 1978 by former U.S. Ambassador John McDonald and Dr. Peter Bourne, works to get clean water to people around the world by identifying projects headed by NGO's and donating money, equipment and technical expertise to install and inspect a water system.

I feel like a good person right now. My bank account is yelling at me, but it's money well spent (or loaned). And ultimately... I am a very lucky, privileged person. Might as well use that for good.
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Steven Skoczen July 2, 2009
You rock. That is all.
Kaitlyn Van Arsdell July 6, 2009
Hey, Rachel! I have a question about Kiva loans and am too lazy to go to the website and find out :) Are they actually real loans, that get paid back, like from a bank? How does pay-back work? Thanks, and great post... I was looking for something for my sister's b-day and I think I'll adopt an animal!
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