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Nicholas Creely

Being bored at work is good for alpha testing

Nicholas Creely wrote this Jan. 5, 2009.
So I'm just starting a new rotation at work, so these next few weeks are basically like I am starting all over again. As such, I am probably going to have a significant amount of down time for awhile. Hopefully, I can use this down time to help with my SixLinks testing. I have already used this to try my hand at making a guide and a fix which worked out pretty well.

Another advantage of this is that my work computer lets me test the site from a very different set of conditions than my home computer. At home I use Firefox and the computer runs Vista at a 1920x1200 resolution while at work I use Chrome while running XP at a 1280x800 resolution. Hopefully this will help me maybe spot more bugs than I would be able to while using just one setup.
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Steven Skoczen Jan. 5, 2009
Three cheers for people being paid to test SixLinks!
Andrew Shoffstall Jan. 6, 2009
Nick, you continue to be a pioneer. It is 1:33pm and I am on SixLinks... Is this embezzlement?
Nicholas Creely Jan. 6, 2009
You see, I think technically it is, but I mean this is way more productive than anything else I would be doing with this time anyways so I think it's cool.
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