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Jeff Gunther
6,375 points
Joined SixLinks Dec. 7, 2008
From Portland, Oregon, United States

About Me

I helped Steve start SixLinks. I was bored, he needed some help, and now it is my life.

My Part


Alpha Tester

Guides I've Written

Points for:

375 Get groceries without making any CO2 250 Have a high MPG car 1500 Get 100% of your electricity from clean sources 200 Reduce to 1 bag of trash per week 50 Use reusable shopping bags 150 Have a low-flow toilet 350 Install a Low-flow showerhead 500 Get 50% of your electricity from clean sources 1400 Eat less (and better) meat 200 Reduce to 1 bag of trash per week 1000 Charging Station in my community 400 Visit a new national park

Draft Guides

Encourage international cap and trade system Call for carbon tax or cap and trade Research carbon sequestration technologies Get more species on endangered species list Protect natural spaces home to endangered species Work to account for endangered animals in your area Volunteer at a zoo, aquarium, or museum Become an environmental educator Design an environmental public service announcement Get environmental education into national curriculum Start a Green Club Encourage city to buy green spaces Form groups to protect green spaces Protect your property from unsustainable development City Farmers Market Start Local Food Cooperative Eat Locally Produced Foods Plant different varieties of crops Fund a microfinance loan Open Vegetarian Restaurant or Cafe Provide Progressive Menus Start Vegetarian/Vegan Dinner Group Eat Less Meat Find a new way to recycle materials Use recycled materials in your business plan Make sure your city recycles Recycle Design more intelligent controllers Encourage Government Energy Reports Install Automation System Install Feedback Monitor Buy Energy Star Appliances Encourage Green Buildings Encourage Habitat-type groups to build green Build a green home Seal leaks in building shell Replace windows and doors Landscape for energy savings Research better storage systems Work for a smart utility company Invest in smart grids Petition for more nuclear power plants Reduce limitations on wind installations Encourage rebates on wind systems Get city to install wind turbine Install a community turbine Pay for renewable energy credits Install a wind turbine on your property Create more efficient solar panels Get developing countries to adopt wind energy Spread solar energy to developing countries Petition for Net-metering law Encourage Rebates on Solar Solar on Government Buildings Install a solar thermal system Install PV Panels Research Removable Battery Packs National Charging Stations to Replace Gas Stations Charging station business Install charging stations Research Better Batteries Hybrid Taxi Service Increase Hybrid Vehicle Fleet Create hybrid vehicle car share Buy a hybrid
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