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Smart Grid News

Japanese Firms to Construct Smart Grid Project in US
Friday, June 05 2009
A group of Japanese firms are looking to construct a small smart-grid system in an undisclosed New Mexico town that will incorporate solar energy and battery-storage systems. It hopes to provide this smart grid to 1000 residents by the end of 2010.
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'Distributed power' to save Earth
Monday, May 11 2009
An economist at the Research Connections 2009 conference in Prague makes the case for a pan-European strategy of small-scale energy generation and smart energy grids to help address climate and economic problems.
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Miami's Smart Grid: A Blueprint for the Power Future
Wednesday, April 22 2009
The city of Miami is launching a $200 million smart-grid initiative that would connect nearly every home and business in Miami-Dade County by 2011.
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A Solar-Powered Solution to Florida Sprawl
Thursday, April 09 2009
Syd Kitson, a former NFL lineman, has plans to turn a ranch into a sustainable community with energy efficient buildings, solar power, a smart grid, and electric cars. The photovoltaic power plant itself would be twice as large as the current largest photovoltaic plant.
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PG&E Ups In-House Demand Response — Utility Trend?
Friday, September 05 2008
City Nation
PG&E is joining 3rd party companies like EnerNOC and Comverge in the demand response market, where consumers are given incentives for reducing electrical loads during peak hours
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'Smart' electric grids to ease zap from plug-ins?
Tuesday, July 22 2008
Nation Career
A project funded by the Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory will test bidirectional battery chargers and "smart" grids that could prevent U.S. electric grid overload from plug-in vehicles.
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Boulder, Colorado to Be Fully Integrated Smart Electricity City
Wednesday, March 12 2008
Xcel Energy announced that it will put in motion its vision to make Boulder, Colo. the nation’s first fully integrated Smart Grid City.
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Austin Energy's Smart Grid Technologies
Saturday, March 01 2008
Austin Energy is readying itself for smart grid technologies by taking advantage of demand response measures and by changing over to wireless automated meters, increasing efficiency and lowering costs.
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