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Samurai-Sword Maker's Reactor Monopoly May Cool Nuclear Revival
Wednesday, March 12 2008
The replacement of old nuclear reactors and production of additional capacity may hit a bottleneck due to the fact that there is only one plant in the world capable of producing nuclear containment vessels. Even though the plant is doubling capacity, it still will not be able to meet the growing potential demand.
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Austin Energy's Smart Grid Technologies
Saturday, March 01 2008
Austin Energy is readying itself for smart grid technologies by taking advantage of demand response measures and by changing over to wireless automated meters, increasing efficiency and lowering costs.
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A Green Carpet for Home Controls
Friday, February 15 2008
Home and Lifestyle City
If the utilities do, in fact, finance the replacement of existing meters with those that can provide consumers information about their energy consumption and allow them some control over it, then energy management will become a major conduit in the broader deployment of control systems in U.S. homes.
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Energy island is innovative concept for large-scale electricity storage
Saturday, September 01 2007
The Netherlands is considering a plan for pumped energy storage between the North Sea and a lake downhill from the Sea. This would complement the large amount of wind energy used in the country.
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Utility-Scale Solar Plant Goes Online in Nevada
Tuesday, June 05 2007
Home and Lifestyle
Nevada Solar One, the first concentrating solar power plant in Nevada went on line on Saturday, this 64 megawatt concentrating solar plant is the first modern utility-scale solar electric power plant in the United States. It is the largest solar electric power plant to be built globally in the past 14 years and the third largest solar power plant in the world.
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"Night Wind" Project to Test Electricity Storage in Refrigerated Warehouses
Monday, February 12 2007
The Night Wind project looks to store energy in refrigerated warehouses by cooling them an additional degree at night when the wind is blowing and allowing them to raise the degree to free up that energy for other consumers during the daytime.
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Going Nuclear
Sunday, April 16 2006
Article by an environmental activist calling for a look at nuclear energy again. Among other points, he mentions that the Three Mile Island incident was actually a success.
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Nuclear Now!
Tuesday, February 01 2005
Editorial in favor of nuclear energy as something better than coal that can be implemented quicker than any renewables.
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