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Making Energy News

'Smart' electric grids to ease zap from plug-ins?
Tuesday, July 22 2008
Nation Career
A project funded by the Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory will test bidirectional battery chargers and "smart" grids that could prevent U.S. electric grid overload from plug-in vehicles.
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University of Nottingham Developing New Large-Scale Energy Storage Device Combining Properties of Supercapacitors and Batteries
Saturday, June 21 2008
Researchers at the University of Nottingham (UK), supported by €1.4m (US$2.2 million) from E.ON, one of Europe’s leading power and gas companies, are developing new energy storage systems for use with renewable energy generation including a device that combines the properties of supercapacitors and batteries (“supercapattery”) and undersea compressed air storage bags.
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Solar Power Group: First commercial Solar-thermal power plant in Spain
Thursday, June 19 2008
City Nation
In May 2008, the German Solar Power Group GmbH and the Spanish Laer S.L. agreed upon the joint execution of a solar thermal power plant in central Spain. This will be the first commercial solar thermal power plant in Spain based on the Fresnel collector technology of the Solar Power Group.
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Nanowires May Boost Solar Cell Efficiency, UC San Diego Engineers Say
Wednesday, May 14 2008
Experimental Solar Cells Spiked with Nanowires Show Promise as Efficient Thin-Film Solar Cells of Future
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Sweden's carbon-tax solution to climate change puts it top of the green list
Tuesday, April 29 2008
Sweden's attempts to reduce carbon emissions have put it at the top of the list of countries doing the most to reduce carbon emissions for the second year in row. They have reduced emissions by 9% from 1990 to 2006. This article goes through some of the unique ideas that have allowed Sweden to be such a leader in this field.
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Frito-Lay solar system puts the sun in SunChips, takes advantage of renewable energy
Friday, April 04 2008
Home and Lifestyle
A five-acre field near the Frito-Lay plant will have 54,000 square feet of mirrors to capture the sun's rays. Half are installed now. This heat will be converted into steam to heat the oil used to cook SunChips.
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BrightSource Energy signs whopper solar contract with PG&E
Monday, March 31 2008
BrightSource Energy will build 500 megawatts' worth of solar thermal power plants for Pacific Gas & Electric in California, and the contract contains an option for PG&E to order another 400 megawatts on top of that. The deal is the largest yet in the solar thermal world when the option is added.
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Boulder, Colorado to Be Fully Integrated Smart Electricity City
Wednesday, March 12 2008
Xcel Energy announced that it will put in motion its vision to make Boulder, Colo. the nation’s first fully integrated Smart Grid City.
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