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Climate Change: What happens if we do nothing

Everything you need to know:

A new US government report analyzing climate change research has found that without reductions in emissions, the US will be facing drastic changes in our climate. It looks at the effects we have already seen and those we can expect to see 10, 50, and 100 years from now. It also talks about the effects we can expect in different regions.

For example, the Southwest and Southeast are expected to see continued and more drastic water shortages. The Northeast will likely lose its multibillion dollar winter sports industry and food industries like apple and maple syrup production. The Pacific Northwest is expected to lose cold water fishing industries, such as the salmon industry. Florida could see sea level rise that floods much of the Everglades and the Keys.

Wednesday, June 17 2009
United States
Source: TIME
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Rachel Mays June 20, 2009
Well! That sure was cheerful.

... we had better get back to work, eh?