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House Passes Landmark Climate Bill

Everything you need to know:

The House of Representatives narrowly passed the Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy and Security Act. This bill would put a cap on US carbon dioxide emissions, set up a market for the trading of emissions allowances, and encourage investment in clean energy and energy efficiency technologies.

Friday, June 26 2009
United States

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Stacey Lynch June 28, 2009
Obama delays Sunday golf game to answer questions. What a guy! If you are interested in following the new bill, the interview on Sunday discusses some of the concerns brought up by the bill as well as the "big picture" approach being pursued by the president.

The interview decently addressed some of the issues brought up by the bill's protestors. Obama discusses the transition of domestic jobs in heavy industry to those in clean resource engineering well (congrats to engineers on future job security) on the 1st page of the transcript and is definitely worth reading. He briefly points out that other countries such as China and Europe are already ahead of us in energy conservation, and while the bill might seem a small step where big changes are needed, we are at least getting our feet wet.

"So this is an opportunity for the United States to say that's where the puck is going to be -- to quote Wayne Gretzky -- 10 or 20 years from now this is where it's going to be, so why don't we meet in this new industrial revolution, meaning that we're going to get energy, abundant energy, the clean energy. So we have the ability to lead." - Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu.

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