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How we get there

We must take actions that serve to decrease our negative impacts on the natural world around us. The other parts of this section will go into more detail about how we can go about protecting nature including protecting spaces, protecting the plants and animals in those spaces, and remediating those spaces.

We need to work to have a reasonable impact like every other living thing
Protecting spaces is probably the best and most straightforward thing we can be doing. Leaving spaces totally alone and responsibly interacting with others is the simplest way to ensure that the various plants, animals, fungi, and other living things in the space are protected. It's not that we have to have no impact on the world, but we need to work to have a reasonable impact like every other living thing.

The best thing we can do to protect nature is to protect natural spaces from development.Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Plants are the source of food for us and the non-plant things we eat. They are also the creatures among the least capable of doing anything about the degradation of their environment. It's a bit hard for them to get up and move. As a result, we should be doing everything we can to help protect them, anticipate their future problems, and do everything we can to mitigate those problems. Check out the Protect Plants section to learn more about the specific things we can be doing to help.

Animals tend to get the most notice when it comes to protecting nature, sometimes because they are cute and cuddly, but sometimes because they are truly very important to the natural spaces in which they live. They tend to be larger and in fewer numbers, making them especially vulnerable to impacts from humans. We can attempt to identify what is causing populations to decrease and eliminate those problems as well as try to breed animals to help them reestablish their populations.

Finally, sometimes we do so much damage to an area that it is uninhabitable by most living things, humans included. That is where remediation comes in. We have a lot of tools at our disposal to recover very damaged areas. It can be an expensive and time-consuming process, but sometimes it's the only way to repair damage done to an area. Even better of course is protecting the space from very harmful influences in the first place.
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