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We must take advantage of 21st century technologies to improve the efficiency of the electrical grid. These technologies have for the most part existed for some time, just the financial motive to implement them was missing. Now that some initial funding has been made available, it is important to embrace these smart grid technologies and to clamor for additional funding.

Find out if your utility company is upgrading to smart grid technology
The best way to expand smart grid technologies is to talk to your utility company and see what they are doing.Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Find out if your utility company is upgrading to smart grid technology. If it is, be sure to learn what it means for you and take advantage of the additional information it provides you to help you lower your loads. You can learn more about using feedback devices to change your behavior on the Your Outlets section. If your utility isn't upgrading to smart grid technology, try to find out why and make attempts to motivate them to do so. There is a lot of money available for these technologies and many areas that are starting to take advantage of it, yours should be too.
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