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Guide: Use reusable shopping bags

Steps to get it done:

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Using reusable shopping bags will save you a little big of money every trip and also save on the paper or plastic needed to create the disposable bags you would otherwise get. Plus, they fit more stuff and don't break as easily.
Step 1: Purchase reusable shopping bags
Or even better, try to get them for free. A lot of people are giving these away nowadays. If you can't find any for free, they can be purchased at a lot of stores, especially grocery stores. We even sell SixLinks ones in the SixLinks store if you'd like another way to support us.
Step 2: Leave them somewhere you will remember them
This is a key step. Shopping is something we've all done so much of that it's sometimes hard to remember to bring something like the reusable bags with us. Put them someplace you'll remember them, whether it be next to the door, where you keep your keys, next to your shopping list, in the car, or next to the bike. Multiple stashes can be helpful for the especially forgetful.
Step 3: Use them every trip
Don't check off this last step after using them once or twice. Make sure you've actually made a change in your behavior and find yourself using them all the time for a little while.
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