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Guide: Eat something weird

Steps to get it done:

Check out this guide, and get motivated
A plant, specifically. Encourage the genetic diversity of food crops by demanding something odd that you wouldn't normally eat. If we all demand crops that are not one of the few common breeds, it will help prevent all of our food becoming the same variety of a few crops.
Step 1: Find a plant you have never tried before
This can be a whole new type of plant or just a different breed of common plants. For example, did you know there are hundreds of different kinds bananas?
Step 2: Buy it and look up how to prepare it
You should be able to find a recipe for just about anything after a little Googling.
Step 3: Repeat this process at least once a month
Try something new at least once a month. Once you've done it twice, you can check this off, but keep doing it.
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