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Guide: Visit a new national park

Steps to get it done:

Check out this guide, and get motivated
National parks are great for protecting natural spaces and the life inside, but they are also there for you to acquire an appreciation of the park and the plants and animals inside it.
Step 1: Pick a National Park to visit that you haven't been to
Look for national parks that you haven't been to. You can use the National Park Service website to find National Parks or the US Forest Website to find some National Forests.
Step 2: Make the trip
Be sure to obey the rules of the park to not cause any damage to the space. Also, be sure to check yourself for insects before you get in the car to avoid spreading invasive species.
Step 3: Appreciate the wide variety of life inside the park
Take pictures and enjoy the park. Take note of all the different types of life in the park.
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