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Guide: Reduce to 1 bag of trash per week

Steps to get it done:

Check out this guide, and get motivated
Everything that goes into your bags of trash every week is going to end up at a landfill where it will be buried with everyone else's trash. Not only are we running out of potential landfill space, but this is a huge waste of energy and resources.
Step 1: Take note of what you currently throw away
How many bags of trash does your household produce a week? What's in them? Keep track of everything in and out of the house for a week. The more of these steps you do the better, but doing any combination of them that gets you down to one bag of trash a week will allow you to check them all off and complete this particular guide.
Step 2: Reuse everything you can
Before something goes into the garbage or recycling, consider if it actually garbage or if it can be reused in some way. Consider trying to sell larger items on Craigslist or Ebay or giving them away to the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or Freecycle. Know what sorts of reuse centers you have in your community.
Step 3: Recycle everything you can
Complete our guide on recycling everything you can.
Step 4: Compost everything you can
Complete our guide on composting everything you can.
Step 5: Try to buy things that have less packaging
Consider the packaging of the products you buy. There is no reason for materials to go straight from the store into the trash. Look to see if your municipality requires manufacturers to take back their packaging.
Step 6: Get down to one bag a week
Do what it takes to get down to one bag of trash a week. If you've completed all of these steps and still can't do it, raise a flag or ask for help in our discussion section until you manage to accomplish your goal. Make sure you can keep it up for a couple of weeks before checking off this final step.
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Steven Skoczen May 26, 2009
Jeff's in charge of recycling and trash in the SixLinks house, but I'm going to find out if we're down to one bag a week, and if not, help us get there!
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