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Guide: Put all loads on power strips

Steps to get it done:

Check out this guide, and get motivated
Hidden loads from devices that aren't on can make up a rather large portion of your electrical costs. Doing this will reduce the amount of energy appliances consume when they're not on.
Step 1: Identify locations for power strips
Entertainment centers and kitchen appliances are great places to target. Make sure you get anything with a clock. Anything that has a remote control or a "wall wart" (block that converts the power between the wall and the device) also should be on power strips.
Step 2: Purchase and install power strips
Make sure to group items that are commonly used together. Like an entire media center, your toaster oven and coffee maker, or your home office. Be sure to not put things you use very rarely on the same power strip as those you use everyday, unless you put another power strip between them, so you can keep the rarely used device off when the other stuff is on, but turn everything off together (Thanks to Sam for this suggestion).
Step 3: Turn them off when not in use
That is why you're doing this after all. Putting the devices on power strips doesn't do anything if you forget to turn them off all the time. Once you feel like you've gotten into the habit of actually using the power strips for at least a couple weeks, you're done.
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Kelly Heffner July 7, 2009
If you tend to be a little bit lazy about remembering to shut off your power strips, I can't recommend Smart Strip power strips enough.

I bought a few because I had roommates that were never going to remember to turn off power strips (... and well because I'm guilty of being forgetful and lazy too.) I have one on our television, that automatically kills the power to our video game systems and dvd player when the TV isn't on. I also had one on my desktop PC that cut the power to the speakers and monitor when the PC was off. It might take a few days to properly set the power switch threshold, but well worth the effort!
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