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Guide: Switch from Internet Explorer

Steps to get it done:

Check out this guide, and get motivated
Switching your primary browser from Microsoft Internet Explorer to an alternative browser makes using the internet more secure, prettier, and saves electricity! It also greatly enhances how looks and works.
Step 1: Choose a new browser
There are several great browsers available: Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome Chrome and Safari are the fastest, but if you don't know which to pick, you can't go wrong with Firefox!
Step 2: Download and install
Each of the sites above have a quick download button. Download your new browser, and follow the instructions to install it on your computer.

If you run into problems, all three sites have good help pages!
Step 3: Change your shortcuts
Change the shortcuts on your desktop, start menu, or dock. This is the most important part to making sure you use the new browser!

Find the IE link that you click on to get to the internet. Then, replace that link with your new browser. Now, you'll use your new browser without even trying!
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Tomo Says:Don't tell, but word is that if you're a supporting member, you get to play with new features before they're released! How cool is that?