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Guide: Seal Leaky Windows to Reduce Heating Bill

Steps to get it done:

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This guide will describe the steps I took to reduce air infiltration into my single bedroom apartment. My windows were disgustingly leaky. I could feel a sensible breeze when I put my hand near. This house was built in the 1920s. If you live in a more recently built home, your windows may not leak as much.
Step 1: Obtain plastic
If you can't find transparent plastic bags, for the love of all that is holy, do not purchase them. Gotchas:Transparency will affect how much light continues to shine through the windows. If you have a south-facing window, don't cover it with a black plastic bag... you are probably doing more harm than good.
Step 2: Measure windows + cut plastic.
Cutting the plastic into rectangular shapes will save you a headache in step 3. This is already ghetto engineering people, don't skimp on this simple step. Leave approximately 1-inch on every side to give you some leeway.
Step 3: Tape plastic to windows.
Clean the window framing to remove any dust, dead bugs, etc, so that the tape can adhere to the surface. Tape plastic starting with top edge to the framing, Continue in a circle, until you are finished. I would not recommend taping top-bottom and then sides as this seemed to leave a less taught plastic, and I could actually hear it rustle when a wind blew -- confirming that I had a substantial leak. Gotchas:If you care about the wooden framing around your windows, do not attempt this as the duct tape will leave marks on it, or worse.
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