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Guide: Change the neighbor's lightbulbs

Steps to get it done:

Check out this guide, and get motivated
Ever want to find a way to get out in the community and help the less fortunate reduce their utility costs?
Step 1: Buy a bunch of CFLs
If you buy in bulk, you can easily find bulbs for under $2 a piece, which split a few ways comes out to a pretty manageable amount of money. If you really look into it, you might be able to find a grant to cover this cost. Gotchas:Plan ahead, best deals will be online, which may cause the bulbs to take a week or so to arrive.
Step 2: Coordinate with some local community organizations
Get in touch with some organizations that typically work with the poor and/or elderly, whether it be Meals on Wheels-type groups, religious organizations, food pantries, etc. Gotchas:Some may not be willing to let you go into the homes of those you want to help or may be hesitant to reveal who they work with. Try to work something out or smile and move on to the next group.
Step 3: Distribute/Install Bulbs
Spend a weekend or two installing the CFLs for the elderly/handicapped and/or distributing them to lower income people. Gotchas:Be careful when working within people's homes, it may be safer to simply distribute, but with proper planning, an installation program can work as well.
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