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Guide: Change your Lightbulbs

Steps to get it done:

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You'd be surprised how much energy lighting takes in a typical home; it represents about 7% of the energy costs. Your 75 or 100 watt lightbulbs can inexpensively be replaced by low energy compact fluorescent bulbs that save energy and last longer. Replacing one 75 watt incandescent bulb with a comparable CFL can save an estimated $22 a year.
Step 1: Buy CFLs
Go to your local housewares store, grocery store, possibly even convenience store, and buy a pack of CFLs. Gotchas:The packaging for CFLs will have their actual energy usage on them as well as the incandescent equivalent, so you know you are getting the approximately same amount of light.
Step 2: Install CFLs
Remove old bulbs, insert new ones. Make sure the power is off. Gotchas:Be careful to not break the old bulbs when removing them and remember to put old bulbs in a paper bag or similar receptacle in case they shatter in the trash.
Step 3: Turn off your lights
Don't forget to turn off your lights when you are done. Gotchas:Even high efficiency lights consume electricity at pretty high rates. Don't leave them on when you don't need them.
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