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Guide: Figure out where your water comes from

Steps to get it done:

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Your water comes from somewhere. Every time you turn on a tap, it is using water that was in some natural space. You should know where that is and what happens to your water after it goes down the drain. Knowing this information may make you think about the amount of water you are using.
Step 1: Figure out where your water comes from
Check the literature from your water company, check out there website, or just call them to find out where your water comes from. What influences when you have a lot of water versus a little? Is it rain down the street? Rain a few hundred miles away? Snow melting from the nearby mountains?
Step 2: Figure out where your water goes
Same as above, but try to figure out what happens after you use your water. How is it treated? What bodies of water does it end up a part of?
Step 3: Inform your household
Learn enough about this to be able to explain it to the other members of your household. And actually explain it to them, so that they may think about it when they are using water as well.
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