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Guide: Reduce water usage 20%

Steps to get it done:

Check out this guide, and get motivated
There are billions in the world who don't have access to clean water. This is a major problem and is addressed by some of our other guides. There are also millions who have historically had water but are now facing shortages. It's this second issue that we are addressing here. Cities grow larger, people consume more water, and climate change causes water shortages, and suddenly this becomes a large problem.
Step 1: Figure out how much water you use
Take a look at 3 past bills to get an average of the amount of water you typically use.
Step 2: Make some changes
Take shorter showers, turn water off when you don't need it (such as when shaving or brushing your teeth), fix any leaks.
Step 3: Make even more changes
Take a look at some of our other guides on switching to a low-flow showerhead or having a low-flow toilet or collecting rain water for watering your garden.
Step 4: Reduce consumption by 20% and stay there
Get your 20% reduction and make sure you maintain it for a couple months in a row. When you've done that, you are done with this guide, but make sure your usage stays low. You can go through this process once or twice a year to shave even more off of your water usage.
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