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Guide: Manage the invasive species in your yard

Steps to get it done:

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More or less all of us have yards with invasive species in them, namely grass. But sometimes people go above and beyond that, planting some very nice gardens full of plants that have no place where they live. Have you ever moved into a place and found some obviously out of place bush taking over the yard? This guide aims to address that sort of issue.
Step 1: Figure out what's in your yard
Take a look at all the plants and try to figure out where they are from.
Step 2: Plan a native garden
Look for plants that are naturally found in the area or that are at least from similar areas. If you live in a dry area, don't plant tropical plants.
Step 3: Put your plan into action
Remove any terribly nasty invasive plants, plant some natives, and enjoy have a garden that is compatible with your region.
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