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Guide: Charging Station in my community

Steps to get it done:

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Having a community committed to installing infrastructure to support plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles is very important to their acceptance. These will become much more popular as more people have plug-in vehicles, but having them in place also encourages people to get plug-in vehicles.
Step 1: Find out if your community has any charging stations
If it does, find out where they are. If they are in convenient places that would reasonably be used by people with plug-in hybrids or electric cars, congratulations, you're done, check off all the steps. If your community doesn't have any, or if you don't think the ones you do have would actually ever be used, continue on.
Step 2: Find out if there is a demand
Try to find other people working on this issue. Try to discover if people in your community actually have vehicles that could be plugged in. You can try to find news stories about them or talk to sustainability groups. If there's no demand for charging stations yet, check back every 6 months or so. They are sure to become necessary as more vehicles are produced that can use them.
Step 3: Get charging stations installed
Work with owners of these vehicles or on your own to contact local officials, utility companies, and companies that work to install these charging stations and get some installed. They should be in convenient places like parking lots of malls or in downtown areas.
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