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Guide: Get to school or work without creating CO2

Steps to get it done:

Check out this guide, and get motivated
Ok, so there isn't really likely a way for you to get there without making any CO2, but what we're going for is that you are walking, biking, or taking some form of electric transportation that is powered by 100% clean energy. School or work is likely the place you go 4 or 5 or even 6 days a week, so getting there without producing much CO2 is a huge reduction in your energy consumption.
Step 1: Figure out if this is feasible
How far away do you work? Is it possible to walk or bike? Is there public transit that runs on clean electricity? Do you have an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle?
Step 2: Make it easier
If your city has a clean electric public transit system, but no convenient ways for you to get where you need to, petition them for additional service. If you are planning on walking or biking, see if your school or workplace will install a bike storage area and possibly even showers for bikers.
Step 3: Show your coworkers or fellow students it's possible
Once you've done your part, try to encourage others to do the same. A lot of people are skeptical that they can make this change. Showing them that you did it can help make it seem more realistic.
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