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Guide: Install Solar Powered Yard Lights

Steps to get it done:

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If you come home after dark, or like using your yard when it's dark out you probably have some light fixtures outside (or fumble through the yard a lot). These fixtures can drain power, particularly if you need them to be on when you come home. Also, these fixtures can't use CFL bulbs in a lot of climates because the cold will wreak havoc with them. Solution: An outdoor light that charges from the sun during the day and comes on automatically at night.
Step 1: Figure out how much light you need
Figure out what effect you want. Do you want a bright spotlight on one section, or do you want a series of dimmer lights along a path. This will depend on your yard layout and intended use.
Step 2: Aquire solar light fixtures
The solar light fixtures can be bought at most hardware stores and probably other stores as well. They come in a bunch of shapes and styles, so pick one that matches what you want. Whether you want a basic utilitarian light fixture, or a simulated tiki torch, you should be able to find one that fits your style.
Step 3: Install light fixtures
Set it up and install per the instructions included and/or common sense. Whichever seems less of a hassle.
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