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My fix: Get my family to use reusable shopping bags

About this fix

I still live with my family, so I usually am not a part of the grocery shopping for my house. As such, I unfortunately have little control over their decisions over the bags used to carry our groceries. I know that my family has purchased three reusable shopping bags, but they also have not been using most of the time that they go to the store. I figure this is probably in large part due to them simply forgetting to bring the bags with them. I am going to do my best to try to convince them to use them every time that they go to the store. This could be as simple as putting the bags in my mom's trunk for her once the groceries are put away so that they are there the next time she goes to the store.


Use reusable grocery bags
Author: Sam Fladung User rating: ****** Number of Steps: 3

You can reduce your contribution to plastic bag waste and save the energy necessary to make plastic bags by bringing your own grocery bags to the store with you.

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