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My fix: Make my thermostat smarter

About this fix

So right now I have a basic analog thermostat. While this works, I like to be able to turn down the heat when I leave for work and when I go to bed. Basically my plan is to either build or buy a thermostat that will let me program it to turn on/off when I want it to. This way there is less remembering "did I turn the thermostat down" and more energy saving.

Basic requirements:
* Be able to set behaviors for weekdays and weekends.
* Be able to set it to change temperature an hour before I wake up each morning so the house is warm when I get out of bed.
* Be able to turn the temperature down at night.
* Have an easy over-ride system (if I want it on when it is in a low temp stage)
* Allow button input for when to come back on in the evening (hit a button when I come home and the heat comes back on)

If anyone knows of any existing products that do this, let me know (I'll post a blog for comments attached to this fix.)


This is a new fix that doesn't have a guide yet - this user's exploring uncharted territory, and will write a guide when they're done!


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