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My fix: Ghostbusting the Phantom Load

About this fix

If my electronics are draining energy when they're not in use simply because they're plugged in, then a simple fix would be to start actively unplugging things when not in use. For instance, small appliances such as my coffee pot, toaster, microwave, and iPod dock can all be plugged in as needed, and unplugged when not. I'd say this fix becomes "done" when unplugging unnecessary electronics becomes habit/second nature.


Create hybrid vehicle car share
Author: Jeff Gunther User rating: ****** Number of Steps: 1

Maybe you've heard of these car share programs like ZipCar and Ithaca's Rideshare program. Now imagine one with all hybrid vehicles. Everyone only owns a part of a vehicle, uses it only when needed, and when they do use it, its emissions are greatly reduced compared to an average vehicle.

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