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My fix: Find and install a timer circuit for my microwave

About this fix

Previously I had my microwave on a power strip, but when I'm done using it I'm usually much more interested in consuming what comes out of it than in turning the power strip off.

So I decided to try to find/make a device where the strip would shut off some set time after it is turned on. Since I usually use my microwave for a short amount of time, having the strip turn off say 20 minutes after being turned on would save me from having to remember to turn it off.

I found a device which does sort of what I want. It is the 60 minute Intermatic Auto Shutdown Timer (FD60MC) link It is designed to mount into a wall however. Since I'm renting, and don't currently feel like messing with the wall I instead decided to mount it onto a power strip.

With some slight modification to the power strip and timer I mounted them together (pictures to come). I set up the wiring so that the timer is in series with the switch in the power strip. This means that if either the power strip is off or the timer is off, the outlets are disabled. The setup could be made to be in parallel if there was a need to override the timer (but this would sacrifice the protection gained from the power strip).

One nice thing about this particular timer is that it is entirely mechanical. No electricity is used by the timer.

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Build an Auto Shutdown Power Strip
Author: Sam Fladung User rating: ****** Number of Steps: 7

Do you keep forgetting to unplug or turn off the power strip to you devices? Make it impossible not to turn off the load by installing a timer in line with it. Since you must turn the timer on to use the device, you are guaranteed it will get turned off every time (no matter how forgetful you are). This guide shows how to modify a power strip by installing an auto shut-off timer so that it will turn itself off once the timer expires. This allows you to turn on something that has a parasitic load, use it and then have it turn off automatically.

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Looking for time delay power circuit
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