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My fix: Getting my reusable bags actually, you know, used.

About this fix

Like guide-author Sam, I too have had trouble getting my lovely reusable bags ($0.99 at fred meyer for really good ones) out to the car, and have realized several times at the store, "damn, I forgot the bags".

This sucks a) because I have to get paper or plastic bags from the store, but also b) because I'm the carry-it-all-in-one-trip sort. With my three cloth bags, I can take an ungodly amount of groceries. If I get paper or plastic, I need multiple trips.

So this fix is about me trying to find a place like Sam describes where I'll see the bags, and get them out to my car. I expect to figure out a system that saves some bags, and preserves my one-trip ego trip. :)


Use reusable grocery bags
Author: Sam Fladung User rating: ****** Number of Steps: 3

You can reduce your contribution to plastic bag waste and save the energy necessary to make plastic bags by bringing your own grocery bags to the store with you.

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Seriina Covarrubias Feb. 2, 2009
I recommend that you get bags that can either attach to your belt or fold in your pocket. I have some that fit in my purse and that helps me remember. Repetition always helps though.
Christina Hon July 2, 2009
I always keep at least a foldable bag in my handbag.
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