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My fix: Use reusable grocery bags

About this fix

Having reusable grocery bags helps prevent the buildup of large piles of (more or less) useless flimsy plastic bags. The key to using reusable grocery bags is having them with me when I go shopping. Initially I never seemed to have them in my car when I went shopping because I took them out of the car full of groceries and left them in the kitchen. I never really seemed to have the energy or memory to take them back out to the car after unloading the groceries. The key I found is that I set aside a coat hook next to my front door (door I use when going to the car) and have taken to hanging the bags there whenever I am done with them, or see them around the house. Since they have somewhere to live that is easy to get to, I am much more likely to put them there. Then, when I go out to the car, I notice the big bulge of bags hanging next to the door on my way out and can bring them out to the car with no added effort.


Use reusable grocery bags
Author: Sam Fladung User rating: ****** Number of Steps: 3

You can reduce your contribution to plastic bag waste and save the energy necessary to make plastic bags by bringing your own grocery bags to the store with you.

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