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My fix: CFL's give off an eerie white glow

About this fix

Kelly's mom is CFL-adverse due to their white light appearance. Perhaps there is a cheap way to add a yellow hue to the fluorescent light to appease those interested in aesthetics along with efficiency... "Aesthetic efficiency" if you will :)


Change your Lightbulbs
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You'd be surprised how much energy lighting takes in a typical home; it represents about 7% of the energy costs. Your 75 or 100 watt lightbulbs can inexpensively be replaced by low energy compact fluorescent bulbs that save energy and last longer. Replacing one 75 watt incandescent bulb with a comparable CFL can save an estimated $22 a year.

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Sam Fladung Jan. 23, 2009
Check the color temperature of the package you had. You probably want something in the (2700K–3000K) range to look the same as an incandescent. If your bulbs seem blue, they probably have a higher color temp.

Allegedly you should pick the color temperature based off of the colors in the room or something, but if you just want it to look exactly like it did with the incandescent, you probably want to opt for the lower color temp.
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