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My fix: Leak-Proof my Apartment

About this fix

My heating bill was $163.13 last month for a one-bedroom apartment in Cleveland. That is ridiculous and I will not stand for it. This house is just as bad or worse than 531 E. State St. I plan to use recycled plastic bags salvaged from work, in addition to other recycled plastic material (such as plastic bottles) as cheap insulation. I plan to take the labels off the bottles, wedge them in between the storm and main windows and duct tape plastic bags around the framing woodwork. Die air infiltration, die! I refuse to pay another outrageous heating bill while living in such slums... This solution will be far from pretty, and my landlord may take offense to the damage I will undoubtedly do to the woodwork... but I will be saving money by not releasing heat into the atmosphere.


Seal Leaky Windows to Reduce Heating Bill
Author: Andrew Shoffstall User rating: ****** Number of Steps: 3

This guide will describe the steps I took to reduce air infiltration into my single bedroom apartment. My windows were disgustingly leaky. I could feel a sensible breeze when I put my hand near. This house was built in the 1920s. If you live in a more recently built home, your windows may not leak as much.

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