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Sustainability Showdown Suggestions
Mary Chris Jaklevic wrote "Thanks, Sam. Almost half our electricity here in Illinois is produced from coal. That..."    Dec. 16, 2009
Help us make guide difficulty better!
Kaitlyn Van Arsdell wrote "Baha I just realized 6 months later that I completely misunderstood this, thought you wer..."    June 15, 2009
Should the "Your Mom" person stay on SixLinks?
Steven Skoczen wrote "I too, feel I must post yes. Your mom is a terrible thing to waste."    Jan. 5, 2009
General Suggestions from Alpha testers
Nicholas Creely wrote "I feel like the way that group discussions work are a little weird. It seems to me that..."    Jan. 21, 2009
Yay, new features!
Steven Skoczen wrote "Nope, they actually have formatting now. Plus, you can do really basic HTML formatting..."    Dec. 29, 2008
How Can We Help Best??
Steven Skoczen wrote "pointing out that there was more from us that night."    Jan. 4, 2009
Better Organization of this page?
Steven Skoczen wrote "Sorry, wasn't clear. It's the main discussion listing page that was updated. New are:..."    Jan. 7, 2009
Impact usage
Kaitlyn Van Arsdell wrote "I think what Sam meant by "switching my nation to 70% clean energy is not a very objectiv..."    Jan. 13, 2009
'Ongoing' Fixes - your thoughts?
Sam Fladung wrote "I don't think all the fixes need to be continuing. Example, installing a timer on a..."    Jan. 13, 2009
Copyrights and news stories
Steven Skoczen wrote "And by "the rest of the news", I mean things like submitter, tags, etc. I don't mean..."    Jan. 8, 2009
Bookmarks/ marked webpages in profiles
Sam Fladung wrote "Maybe you could add it to the favorites section of the profile (and have an internal..."    Jan. 10, 2009
Fake identities (and how to prevent)
Steven Skoczen wrote "The challenge is that is becomes a slippery slope of expectations very quickly, especiall..."    Jan. 10, 2009
More discussion on guide organization
Steven Skoczen wrote "Agree, and think the draft flag will fix this issue (and all of jeff's empty guides will..."    Jan. 9, 2009
General security questions
Steven Skoczen wrote "We don't have anything in at present, but rate-limiting is on the list for the Wasabi..."    Jan. 8, 2009
Team Usage
Ragnar Danneskjold wrote "In order to invite someone to join a team it looks to me like they need to have friended..."    Jan. 9, 2009
Should fixes have impacts, difficulties, etc?
Steven Skoczen wrote "From sam's bug report: bug #150! It would be nice to be able to assign an impact to a fi..."    Jan. 9, 2009
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