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Much of this website is devoted to trying to avoid making climate change worse. Reducing emissions from the processes of getting around and making energy, both by doing these in more efficient ways and with less polluting technologies. There are two specific things we can be doing, however, which are discussed in the rest of this link. We need to put a price on carbon and pull carbon out of the atmosphere.

We need to put a price on carbon and pull carbon out of the atmosphere
A carbon tax or cap and trade system would help give a financial advantage to clean energy like wind.Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Putting a price on carbon is important because it will help technologies that do not emit greenhouse gases become cheaper than those that do. Pricing carbon dioxide emissions takes into account the cost of climate change that we will all experience as we emit more and more greenhouse gases.

Pulling carbon out of the atmosphere is the second part of reducing the effects of climate change. Not only do we have to reduce our emissions, but we need to work to undo the damage we've been doing by emitting greenhouse gases for the last 150 years. Without this, even cutting our emissions drastically will result in some climate change do to the damage we have already done.

Check out the My Part section to see what you can be doing to reduce your emissions and to support reducing climate change effects.
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